French Revolution

The French Revolution began in the year 1789 and ended in 1799. The revolution was caused by a social and political uproar. During this time the French people became impatient with its government being an absolute monarchy and a feudal system. They were fed up with the way things were and decided to revolt against the government. A big reason for the discontent was due to France being deeply in debt after the American Revolution. In order to restore its financial status the French government decided to impose higher taxes on its citizens. Another cause of the revolution was that the country had two decades of poor harvest, droughts and cattle disease.



Journalism History

France has an extensive history when it comes to journalism. The very first weekly periodical, La Gazette, dates back to the year 1631 and the first national newspaper, Le Journal de Paris, was in 1777. During the French Revolution, French people got their news mainly from newspapers such as Journal de Paris. This newspaper covered literary news, evening shows and weather forecast. During The Revolution, the paper shifted its gear to talk about politics. The first newspaper to have circulated massively was Le Petit Journal in the year 1863. It featured rich illustrations to depicts its news and it circulated for 81 years.


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Journalism is imperative in our world since it allows the general public to be aware of what is going on in the world. Since the early 1600’s people have been getting their news from newspapers which include everything from important news to leisure items. Imagine a world without the press? How would people get their news and know what is going on in their county or around the world? Well, there once was a time when France stopped all its press. During World War II, the French Government eliminated every single publication in the country and seized all press property. Anything printed was removed and the country started all over again. This was an attempt to purify the press, but clearly it failed.

French Newspapers from 1919 and 1938-1942